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Catching the breeze

By profession I'm a software engineer. By passion I'm an artist: playwright, actor, director.

Either way, I need vision - inner imagination that conceives how something might look, how it might work, and how I get there.

Mostly, I mingle profession and passion. For instance I've built and continue to maintain a dynamic, database driven website for the Anaheim Arts Council. I'm also very pleased at the way OC Symphony website has turned out.

Once, I was looking to build more websites for artists. Playwright Fengar Gael gets many compliments for her site and it gets her work. But now I find myself wanting more time to read and write.

I would like to do more with the site I developed for R. W. Buss - a famous 19th century artist - my great- great grandfather. The plan is to write his biography before my eyes get too weary of gazing at a computer screen. This has been a life ambition for more years than I can recall.

Did I forget to mention I love gardening? Really - there is too much. As you peruse this updated version of my site you'll discover I've tried to cram the experience of about six different lives into one.

I took up sailing, for a while. I loved it. Then lack of time and a number of mishaps persuaded me to give up! I learned some valuable lessons. You can't control the wind and the tide, but you can set your sails and tweak the rudder to make the best of what you've got. And if you want to get anywhere, you need to catch the breeze.