Software 4 Schools

This company started in 2008 after I had engineered a Microsoft Access solution for my friend, Ben Star, in order to manage the sale of dance tickets to school students. It was so successful that Ben said - Hey, we could market this!

He knew that my background was working on industrial projects as a software engineer for 15 years, designing and constructing applications to run on IBM AS/400 computers. And I thought I had retired from all that!

But no way could we market a product built with Microsoft Access. So I set about learning to use Microsoft's Visual Studio so that we could properly engineer an authentic piece of Windows software. Then Ticketing 4 Schools was joined by its sister application Discipline 4 Schools. And Ben - a very fast learner - engineered a number of web applications, all with schools as the target market. Now we have a fast growing company with hundreds of schools as our valued customers spread across the breadth of the United States.

Here is our current slate of products all of which you can take for a test run - and even purchase.

The main company website is here: Software4Schools.